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Writer Alex Dick is on a mission to stock the internet with engaging and well-researched content. After his anthology of short stories was published in 2013, he's turned his hand to the arts and lifestyle sector, and he's been writing all over town for places like Limelight, Gourmet Traveller, VICE, Junkee, AWOL, and Hijacked.  He's a keyboard for hire with a diverse range of media production skills and experience that all goes together to deliver unique and readable content. 



Read some of Alex's published work...


Review: Beyond Baroque (Melbourne Chamber Orchestra)

Originally published by Limelight Magazine
If you’re going to create a concert based around the work of one family, you may as well pick the Bachs. For this programme, the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra borrowed the services of soloist Christopher Moore (Principal Viola for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and former Principal with the Australian Chamber Orchestra) and paired it neatly with the work of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, and of course Johann Sebastian himself, with a special appearance from Telemann (who was in life godfather to CPE Bach). While JS Bach is of course king of the Baroque era, the others dip their timelines gently into the cusp of the Classical period, hence Beyond Baroque.
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A Guide to Sydney Through its 5 best falafels.

Originally published by AWOL.junkee.com
This isn’t a tale for vegetarians. Falafel is the one food that meat eaters are allowed to have that doesn’t upset their diet. Falafel is a dish that just happens to contain no meat, but is still a meal worthy of the highest echelons of gastronomy. It can be an individual snack, but is at its finest when put inside a wrap.
The most common problem people have with falafel is...
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Review: Gladioli

Originally published by Gourmet Traveller.
Gladioli's tasting menu peaks with slow-cooked beef from the barbecue, glazed in Granny Smith apple juice and teamed with a rich mix of Japanese mustard, turnips and native succulents, all expertly seasoned. It's a dish that suits the comfortable, elegant dining room while also reflecting regional produce that chef Matt Dempsey...
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How I Walked Into A 3D Printing Store In Melbourne And Came Out With A Gun

Originally published by Junkee.com
It’s fair to say that the internet is still finding its feet. We’re in days now where you can jump online to fund your next feature film or order an assassination, all while basking in the comfort of your own slovenliness. All over the world, people sit around eating Soylent trying to become the next Zuckerberg, Jobs or Sergey Brin. These people who see beyond the boundaries of technology have shaped our lives. Even if we resist their inventions, we’re affected by them. But you know all this already.
The gun pictured above is...
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Ghostpatrol interview

Originally published by VICE (Creator's Project)
Prolific Tasmanian-born artist David Booth, aka Ghostpatrol, can’t seem to sit still. Now based in Melbourne, his sketches, ceramics, murals, paintings, and GIFs have garnered attention across the globe.
With roots as a street artist, Booth began showing in commercial galleries in 2008. He has continued since with solo exhibitions, group shows, murals, films, acquisitions at the National Gallery of Australia, and a long-term residency at... 
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How to make bootleg booze

Originally published by Junkee.com
There are certain things I associate with Christmas. My family come together, we decorate, we eat, we drink, we be merry. Presents are exchanged, and although I know it’s a special time of year, perhaps there are some things I take for granted. I wanted to find out what makes this time of year special, and I thought it would be interesting to get a snapshot of Christmas of people who have either given up their freedom, or had it taken away from them.
Prison life is something that remains mysterious to people who’ve never... 
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